The then Sangguniang Bayan Members of Batac in its special session last November 15, 1982passed and approved Resolution NO. 127 creating Batac Water District by virtue of Presidential Decree (PD) 198 otherwise known as the Provincial Utilities Act of 1973.

Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) awarded Batac Water District its Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) No. 250 on September 26, 1983 after the requirements for the certification program were completed. The CCC entitles the Batac Water District to all the rights and privileges under PD 198. The District as of 2014 is 375 months old.

The Batac Water District is manned by seven (7) plantilla positions and five (5) Job Order workers headed by General Manager, Maria Dohna D. Sagun. Other Management Staff are Senior Accounting Processor A, Ms. Imelda G. Tutaan; Accounting Processor B, Ms. Maizel Maia V. Castro; Water Resources Facilities Operator C, Edilberto M. Camangeg, Jr.; Customer Service Assistant E, Mr. Joel A. Castro; Water Resources Facilities Operator C, Mr. Dino S. Sagun; Utility Worker B, Mr. Otis Visan P. Corpuz and five Job Order workers – Mr. Von Patrick Gabriel, Mr. Filam Robert Manglal-lan, Mr. Emmanuel Flojo, Mr. Ruben T. Cid and Mr. Clarenece Basallote.

Existing System’s Facilities

  • Service

The present service area of Batac Water District covers fourteen (14) urban barangays namely, Valdez, Ricarte, Ablan, Cagrunaan, Nalupta, Cal-laguip, San Julian, Caunayan, Acosta, Aglipay, Barani, Lacub, Ben-agan, Palpalicong and ten (10) adjacent rural barangays namely, Baay, Parangopong, Colo, Tabug, Quiling Sur, Quiling Norte, Bil-loca, Baligat, Bungon, and Payao. There are also five (5) concessionaires from Brgy. San Pablo, San Nicolas. The total population of the City of Batac based from 2010 NSO census is 53,542. And only 1,624 household have water service connections with the Batac Water District or only 8,120 out of the above-mentioned total population of Batac have access to potable water coming from the Batac Water District.  Water service is 24 hours a day unless there is power interruption or repairs to be undertaken.

  • Structure and Equipment

 The office building of the Batac Water District has an area of 96.052sq.m. It is owned by Mr. Bernardo K. Marders. The District is renting said office building in the amount of P 13,212.02/month. The District has one unit computer desktop (Pentium 3), one unit computer desktop (Pentium4), one unit Olympia typewriter, one unit floor-mounted aircon, one unit money detector, one unit Fujitsu laptop, one unit Epson 3 in 1 printer, one unit Gigabyte laptop, one unit telephone and one unit fax machine.

At present, water sources facilities of the Batac Water District are six (6) drilled wells located at Brgys. Colo, Parangopong, Quiling Norte and Baay and three (3) infiltration galleries located at Brgy. Payao and Parangopong. The rated capacity of the aforementioned water sources facilities is 988cum/day. The average monthly production of the nine water sources facilities of the District is 30,044cum, 78.51% of it is the production efficiency and 21.49% of it is the non-revenue water. The BWD has three concrete reservoir tanks to wit: one (1) unit concrete ground reservoir tank with 267 cum capacity located at Brgy. Barani Batac City, one (1) unit concrete elevated reservoir tank with 75cum capacity located at Brgy. Aglipay, Batac City and one (1) unit concrete ground reservoir tank with 75cum capacity located at Brgy. Baay, Batac City.

At the end of 2014 the Batac Water District has 1,624 active connections broken down as:  1,480 residential type, 123 commercial type and 21 government type.


Existing Water Rates

The existing water rates of the Batac Water District was approved by LWUA in June 23, 2005 presented in a public hearing in November 10, 2005 and was implemented last May 2006 billing. The water rates of the District are as follows:

Residential/Government Semi-Commercial B
Minimum 1/2” P 300.00 Minimum ½” P 450.00
Commodity Charge 11-20 cum 31.30 Commodity Charge 11-20cum 46.95
21-30 cum 32.70 21-30cum 49.05
 31-40 cum 34.25 31-40cum 51.35
Over 40cum 36.30 Over 40cum 54.45
Direct Commercial Minimum ½” P 375.00
Minimum ½” P 600.00 Commodity Charge 11-20cum 39.10
Minimum Charge ¾” 960.00 21-30cum 40.85
Commodity Charge 11-20cum 62.60 31-40cum 42.80
21-30cum 65.40 Over 40cum 45.35
31-40cum 68.50
Over 40cum 72.60
Semi-Commercial A
Minimum ½” P 525.00
Commodity Charge 11-20cum 54.75
21-30cum 57.20
31-40cum 59.90
Over 40cum 63.50

Operating Income/Expenses

The Batac Water District has an average monthly water sales of P 877,556.47 and average monthly operation and maintenance expenses of P 722,103.15. The average monthly collection is P 870,191.95.

Financial Highlights

For the year end, the current ratio of current assets over current liabilities is 6.76:1. And for the long term debt/equity ratio is 1.87. The monthly average billing is       P 854,414.57 with a collection efficiency rate of 98.6% on year to date on time payment.


As per 2010 NSO census Batac City has a total population of 53,542 and only 8,120 have access to potable water or water being supplied by the Batac Water District. The average monthly income is P 3,000.00 per household for an average family size of 5 members. Farming is the primary means of livelihood of the City with rice, corn, tobacco, garlic, pepper and vegetables as the major crops. The City Planning Office of Batac has no available data on the average monthly expenditures.  The City Government of Batac has a revenue of                            P 345,525,425.04 for the year 2014.

The City Government of Batac posted a zero percent (0%) average rate of mortality per 100,000 population due to waterborne diseases. However, in the rate of sickness or average rate of morbidity per 100,000 population due to waterborne diseases particularly gastro enteritis the City has 120 cases or 22.22%.

Although farming is the primary means of livelihood in the City of Batac, commercial activities are also concentrated in the Minor Central Business of the City with the market as its feature complemented by ten (10) banks and the cash unit of the Bangko Sentral ng PIlipinas, pawnshops, groceries, lumbers and hard wares, play stations, billiards, restaurants, snack bars, beauty parlors, drug stores, farm supplies, bakeries and retail stores.


The Batac Water District is regularly monitoring the chlorine residual in various strategic points of its water system.  Physical and chemical tests of water samples from water sources are also done on a yearly basis and microbiological tests are done on a monthly basis and the Districts sees to it that results conform to the standards set by the Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water.

The District also maintains its established safety programs and standard operating procedure. The District also offers 1.5% early payment discount and 5% discount for water bill of senior citizens.  For the year 2014, the District implemented several GAD projects in compliance with RA 9710.

The Civil Service Commission has approved the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) of the Batac Water District and has been implemented.

The Batac Water District is updated in paying its statutory obligations to LWUA, employees, other government agencies and financial institution.