Hon. City Mayor, Engr. Albert D. Chua of the City of Batac administered the oath of office of Dr. Franelia N. Caluya, Mr. Phili D. Chua and Mrs. Freya Anne R. Yapo as members of the Board of Directors of the Batac Water District. The General Manager of the Batac Water District, Mrs. Maria Dohna D. Sagun withnessed the ceremony.

Members of the Water District Board of Directors are composed of one representative from each of the different sectors of the society. Dr. Caluya represents the Professional Sector, Mr. Chua represents the Educational Institutions Sector and Mrs. Yapo the Business, Commercial or Financial Organizations. The terms of office is six years and renewable upon the discretion of the Appointing Authority. The incumbent Members of the Board of Directors are Mrs. Perla C. Marders, Chairman and Dr. Miramar D. Bumanglag, Vice- Chairman